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Welfare Laws Amendment Act 106 of 1997

By Legalish, Oct 10 2014 09:02AM

To amend the Child Care Act, 1983, so as to broaden the provisions granting exemption to certain categories of persons who may care for certain children apart from their parents for a period longer than 14 days; and to remove the provisions that overlap with the provisions of the Social Assistance Act, 1992, that provide for state contributions to the maintenance by foster parents of foster children; to amend the Social Act, 1992, so as to provide for uniformity of, equality of access to, and effective regulation, of social assistance throughout the Republic; to introduce the child-support grant; to do away with cavitation grants; to abolish maintenance grants subject to the phasing out of existing maintenance grants over a period not exceeding three years; to provide for the delegation of certain powers; and to extend the of the provisions of the Act to areas in the Republic; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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