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Security Officers Amendment Act 104 of 1997

By Legalish, Oct 10 2014 08:59AM

To amend the Security Officers 1987, in order to substitute the definition of “Board”; to determine the seat of the head office of the Interim Board; to make provision for the establishment and the constitution of an Interim Board to exercise control over the occupation of security officer and to maintain, promote and protect the status of that profession until a new permanent Security Officers Board has been established; to determine the objects, functions, powers and duties of the Interim Board; to provide that the Minister for Safety and Security shall conduct certain consultation before the appointment of the members of the Interim Board; to authorise the Interim Board to submit reports to the Minister for Safety and Security regarding the statutory functions to provide for a calling of a meeting of the Interim Board upon receipt by the chairperson of a request by seven or more members; to make provision for a quorum for a meeting of the Interim Board; to provide for the establishment of an executive committee for the Interim Board; to determine the number of board members required for a decision to withdraw the registration of a security officer; to substitute the long title of that Act; and to regulate certain transitional matters; and to make provision for certain matters connected therewith.

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