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National Transport Transition Amendment Act 26 of 2006

By Legalish, Oct 14 2014 10:51AM

To amend the National Land Transport Wansition Act, 2000, so as tu define expressions and to amend certain definitions; to extend the information that may be included in the notice containing the national land transport policy; to provide anew for the co-ordination of the planning process of provincial planning authorities; to reduce the number of plans required by the Act; to empower the Minister to designate the planning authorities that must supply transport plans tn the relevant provincial board; to provide anew for the preparation of a national land transport strategic framework and provincial lnnd transport strategic frameworks; to repeal provisions in respect of curmnt public transport records, operating licence strategies, rationalisation plans and public transport plans; to provide anew for the preparation of integrated transport plans; to extend certain time limits; to pmvide anew for the type of vehiclw that may be used for public transport services: to extend the disqualifications for the holding of operating licences; to extend the duties of helders of operating licences or permits; to provide anew for the amendment of operating licences, to empower the Minister to set standards for scaled meters for metered taxis and to empower MECs to determine fare structures for metered taxi services; to provide anew for the temporary replacement of specified vehicles; to crate new tiffences; and to effect textual corrections and to repeal absolete provisions; and tu provide for matters connected therewith.

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