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National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Amendment Act 36 of 2014

By Legalish, Dec 30 2014 10:14AM

To amend the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act, 2008, so as to amend certain definitions; to clarify coastal public property and the ownership of structures erected on and in coastal public property; to remove the power to exclude areas from coastal public property; to clarify and expand the provisions on reclamation; to clarify definitions and terminology; to simplify the administration of coastal access fee approvals; to simplify and amend powers relating to coastal authorisations; to replace coastal leases and concessions with coastal use permits; to extend the powers of MECs to issue coastal protection notices and coastal access notices; to limit the renewal of dumping permits; to simplify the composition and functions of the National Coastal Committee; to clarify the powers of delegation by MECs; to revise offences and increase penalties; to improve coastal authorisation processes; to provide for exemptions; to provide for transitional matters; to effect certain textual alterations; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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