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Local Government Transition Act Second Amendment Act 89 of 1995

By Legalish, Oct 8 2014 12:27PM

To amend the Local Government Transition Act, 1993, so as to define or further define certain expressions; to extend the application of the said Act throughout the Republic; to make other provision in respect of the term of office of members of the Provincial Committees for Local Government and the filling of vacancies in and the conditions of service of members of the said Committees; to further regulate the procedure in respect of meetings of the said Committees; to make provision for the referral of certain questions for decision to the Special Electoral Court by the said Committees; to make further provision in respect of the functions of a negotiating forum; to provide for the establishment, constitution, procedures and functions of one or more

arbitration committees as well as for the referral of matters to be decided by such committees; to empower Administrators to act in cases where a negotiating forum has not been established or recognized; to provide for the reviewing by Administrators of certain delimitations or determinations made by them; to provide that Administrators shall strive towards substantial uniformity in regard to the content of certain regulations; to make provision for the establishment of transitional rural local government; to extend Administrators' powers to issue proclamations to regulate the transition of local government, including the establishment of a body to assist any local government body, transitional council or transitional metropolitan substructure which may be

affected by the provisions of any such proclamation; to empower an Administrator under certain circumstances to exercise or perform a power or function in a province other than that for which he or she has been appointed; to empower an Administrator to act where a Local Government Demarcation Board fails to furnish him or her with its recommendations within a reasonable time; to make provision that delegations made by a former administrator before the commencement of the said Act continue in force; to provide for the review within a certain period of the appointment or promotion of any person or the award of a term or condition of service which occurred after the commencement of the said Act; to repeal the power granted to the President to amend the said Act by way of proclamation; to provide for the validation of certain proclamations; to further regulate the qualifications for nomination as a member of a transitional council or transitional metropolitan substructure; to further regulate the eligibility of a person to vote in local government elections; to make provision that members of certain transitional councils may be elected instead of nominated; and to repeal certain laws; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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