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Higher Education Amendment Act 55 of 1999

By Legalish, Oct 12 2014 08:46PM

To amend the Higher Education Act, 1997, so as to substitute a definition; to extend the period within which the CHE must submit a report to the Minister; to provide that the principal is the chairperson of the senate and the registrar of a public higher education institution appointed by the council is the secretary to the council; to provide that the chairperson and the vice-chairperson of the council must be elected from the external members of the council; to empower a council to discriminate fairly between students who are not citizens or permanent residents and students who are citizens or permanent residents with regard to certain matters; to empower the Minister to appoint an administrator for a public higher education institution where there is financial or other maladministration of a serious nature; to designate the Director-General as the registrar of private higher education institutions and to empower the Minister to designate an assistant for the registrar; to extend the requirements to be determined by the registrar for the registration of private higher education institutions; to provide for the delegation of powers and assignment of duties by the principal of a higher education institution and the CHE; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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