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Genetically Modified Organisms Amendment Act 23 of 2006

By Legalish, Oct 14 2014 10:45AM

To amend the Genetically Modified Organisms Act, 1997, so as to give effect to the I'rotncol pertaining to gerietically moclified organism? to which South Africa is patty; to amend certnin definitions and to add new definitions: to amend the romposition and remuneration of meinhers of the Committee Hnd Council: to amplify lhe powers and duties of the Council ~ i i tdh e Committee and the function~ of the registrar; to clarify the procedure relating In the application for and issuing of permits; to provide for risk arsessments and liahiiity determinations: to Amend tle information requirements contemplated in the confidentinlity clause; to lay ~ down criteria with regard to otfences; to provide for certain procedura during an appeal pruccss; and to provide for matters connect& therewith.

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