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Employment Equity Amendment Act 48 of 2013

By Legalish, Oct 14 2014 09:30PM

To amend the South African Weather Service Act, 2001, so as to substitute and insert certain definitions; to provide the Minister with policy determination and supervisory powers; to extend the powers, functions and objectives of the Weather Service so as to provide the Weather Service with a legal mandate to provide ambient air quality services and to act as custodian of the South African Air Quality Information System; to provide for the appointment and removal of the Chief Executive Officer; to align the Act with the Public Finance Management Act, 1999, by providing for the Board to be the accounting authority for the Weather Service; to delete certain obsolete provisions; to provide for the limitation of liability of the Weather Service; to provide for offences and penalties; to amend the Schedules to the Act; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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