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Education Laws Amendment Act 31 of 2007

By Legalish, Oct 14 2014 12:16PM

To amend the National Education Policy Act, 1996, so as to substitute the provision relating to consultation on the national education policy; and to amend the provision for the establishment of consultative bodies; to amend the South AfricanSchools Act, 1996, so as to insert certain definitions; to provide for minimum normsand standards for infrastructure and capacity in public schools; to provide for random search and seizure and drug testing at schools; to provide for the functionsand responsibilities of a principal; to substitute a reference to obsolete legislation; and to regulate the identification of underperforming schools; to amend the National Student Financial Aid Scheme Act, 1999, so as to effect certain technicaladjustments; and to extend the functions of the board to cover eligible students at public further education and training colleges; to amend the South African Council of Educators Act, 2000, the Adult Basic Education and Training Act, 2000, and the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act, 2001, so as to effect certain technical adjustments; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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